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About Fada'way

Fada’way, (pronounced fay-duh-way) was born Akima N. Hukins on November 23, 2005 in Greenville, North Carolina. She is an American DJ, producer, composer, basketball player and student with a 4.207 GPA. Fada’way is a self-taught musical prodigy at an early age was introduced to music by her father.


One afternoon, Fada’way and her brother created a song called “I Love Starbucks” which arose out of their love for a Strawberry or Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and posted it on YouTube. The song was adapted from the Weeknd’s “Starboy”. Although the rendition never went viral, it was Fada’ways first time recording anything in the studio and her fascination with studio production grew stronger. Her love for sound and ability to dissect each instrument in a song sparked her desire to teach herself how to play the guitar, keyboard and recording drum patterns in the studio. Excelling exponentially in the craft prompted Fada’way to try another area of the musical art which is DJ’ing school dances, wedding receptions and now she is the official DJ for Adidas' Little League Softball World Series in Greenville, NC. 

Fada’way will be graduating in the spring of 2024 from South Central High School in Winterville, NC to continue her academic and musical journey at UNC Greensboro in the field of music and communications. Sports, academics and music… Fada’way is a triple threat! IT MUST BE THE SHOES…

 "From Grifton, With Love" (A True Love Story) feat. Arthur Dox (father and daughter collaboration). Now available on all streaming platforms.


Contact JhAy Hart Music at 252-740-5911 or for more information.

Music Video

Fada'way feat. Arthur Dox "From Grifton, With Love" (A True Love Story)

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Fada'way DJ'ing for Softball Little League World Series
Fada'way DJ'ing for Adidas
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